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Jenga School contributes towards the growth and demand of NITA & TVET centers around the country. .

About Jenga Courses

Jenga School contributes towards the growth and demand of NITA & TVET centers around the country. The current situation in the country is quite unfortunate, as millions of young people do not have jobs despite graduating, this stems from a warped view that technical skills are fast becoming obsolete.

Jenga Academy is the go-to institution for a number of courses that prove this kind of thinking wrong. Technical skills are in reality not in competition with the technology, but its foundation and backbone. And this is the reason why the TVET Act 2013 was designed in order to address the job skills issue, and ensure an increased and sustained enrolment ratio of 20% by the year 2030. We are part of this revamp happening in the entire education system to make the lives of the youth in this country better.

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To become an excellent apprenticeship promoter for technical training in order to make significant contribution towards Kenya becoming a newly industrialized country vis a vis vision 2030..


To promote and provide quality training and apprenticeship that matches the high standards demanded in the market today.

Our Courses, Timeline & Pricing

Select the best course that speaks to your needs and we shall do our best to coach and empower you. 

Tiling (8 weeks)

1.Tile using a range of different products
2.Making different patterns
3.Costing Process

Ksh 25,000.00
Basic Carpentry & Wood work (24 weeks)

1.Hanging doors
2.Lock repairs and replacement
3.Major woodwork repairs
4.Proper selection and use of woodwork
5.Power tools

Ksh 50,000.00
Basic Plumbing (8 weeks)

1.Domestic plumbing 2.Toilet/bathroom fittings 3.Domestic water systems 4.Joining 5.Valves 6.Taps 7.Cisterns

Ksh 30,000.00
Painting & Decorating (5 Weeks)

1.Painting and home decorating
2.Surface preparation
3.Application of both water and oil-based paints
4.How to use rollers and brushes
5.Special effect paints
6.Wall paper art
7.Cutting, pasting and hanging wall papers

Ksh 20,000.00
Masonry (5 weeks)

1.Plastering and concrete work

Ksh 30,000.00
Dry wall
Dry walling & Gypsum Installation (8 weeks)

1.Dry wall installation
3.Skimming and base coat application
4.Dry wall repairs, heat insulation and sound proofing

Ksh 30,000.00
Syllabus of Basic Electrical work (12 weeks)

1.Electrical Fundamentals
2.Electrical Test Equipment
3.Understanding your building’s electrical system

Free supplementary courses that come with the above

  • Work health and safety skills
  • Site inspection and quote preparation
  • Basic entrepreneurial skills
  • Basic book keeping skills
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Post Training Activities

The Academy is also committed to undertake post-training activities which will include but not limited to;
1. Work health and safety skills
2. Identify, inspect, use, maintain and care for power tools and hand tools
3. Site inspection and quote preparation
4. Basic entrepreneurial skills
5. Basic book keeping skills.


These are the things you will be able to build once you complete the course

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